With my heart wide open I am always inspired and find that I am surrounded by situations and images (thoughts) that give me a strong feeling of wanting to express in my work. My paintings cover many subjects, such as portraits, landscapes, animals, wildlife and fantasy. I love to share my thoughts through painting.

I'm originally from Dulwich, London, where I studied at St Martin-in-the-Fields and achieved Advanced Level Art & Design. I exhibited and sold paintings with the East Surrey Group of Artists, The Rotary Artist Group and was featured on BBC1 Watercolour Challenge before immigrating to Brisbane, Australia in 2008. I now undertake individual commissions.

I started painting when I was at school, then was invited to join Art Associations and moved on to selling my work. Many people have said they like my unusual style and most of my commissions have come from clients seeing my work and liking my style.

When a client asks me to produce an individual piece for them we meet and talk through expectations and ideas. I make sketches and take photographs or they sometimes provide a photograph or item of inspiration to work with, and I am able to produce an interesting piece of art that is unique and creative.

For years I have loved painting but have never given myself the time to do so. Now I paint every day. My head is full of ideas that are bursting to get out. Once I start work I begin a piece with a simple sketch; shoots and branches of other ideas pop up and my painting evolves, I often use a similar image in different paintings. My paintings are a thought process rather than a straight-forward representation; my feelings expressed on paper.